01 JUNIOR SINGERS 5762 Madeline_Carver Elinor_Gent Lili_Mohammad Huw_Jones 02 INTERMEDIATE SINGERS 5777 Manon_Ogwen_Parry Rebekah_West Llinos_Haf_Jones Jodi_Bird 03 ENSEMBLE 5767 Llinos_Haf_Jones Manon_Ogwen_Parry 04 SENIORS 5758 Angharad_Kathy_Davies Catherine_White Eleri_Gwilym
DSCF5756 DSCF5757 DSCF5758 DSCF5759
DSCF5760 DSCF5761 DSCF5762 DSCF5763
DSCF5765 DSCF5766 DSCF5767 DSCF5769
DSCF5770 DSCF5771 DSCF5772 DSCF5773
DSCF5774 DSCF5775 DSCF5776 DSCF5777
DSCF5778 DSCF5779 DSCF5780 DSCF5783
DSCF5791 DSCF5799 DSCF5800 DSCF5801
DSCF5808 DSCF5810 DSCF5811 DSCF5815
DSCF5817 P1050103 P1050106 P1050107
P1050110 P1050111 P1050112 P1050115
P1050116 P1050117 P1050119 P1050120
P1050121 P1050123 P1050124 P1050125
Music in the Vale is pleased to offer these photographs of our weekend event for you to download free of charge.